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CPanel Hosting SCAM!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

cpanel email scam text
Example Email Scam

The Cpanel phishing scam has been going on for a little while now but is not from a legitimate Cpanel or Wix provider. These come in various forms with buttons to click or attachments that they say you must open and fill out. This is a CPanel Hosting SCAM!

The people at the other end of the html file that you open are gathering information about how you login to your website account. With this information, they can steal your site, your payment information, your address, etc.

Do not click on any links or attachments in emails unless you know you are receiving it from someone that told you they would send it. You can always contact Wix or others listed in these emails to see if they generated this email.

Continue to be safe and if you have gone into something like this, change all your passwords for any sites that you may have shared. Also change passwords associated with your domain company, financial institutes and others that may have been compromised. We all know that you wouldn't use the same password for all your other online activity, but if you have, get busy changing them all because it isn't hard to try other accounts with the info you have given to a scammer.

Wix support can always help out if needed. If you need any other services for your website, let me know.

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