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Website Design, Development, and Marketing

Get the Ball Rolling!

Website Design

Don't get overwhelmed trying to design your website. Call in a professional!

Website Setup and Design

Get an address on the internet with complete domain setup, website design, development, and setup. I make sure everything I design is mobile ready. Help your business survive in the digital world we live in. Ask about my new fully scalable design methods.

Setup Shop

Complete setup and design of your internet store. Get setup to sell products, accept payments, book appointments, or book classes based on your calendar.

SEO and Promotion

Get found on the internet with powerful trending search engine technology and optimization design. Continue to communicate with your traffic with effective promotion techniques.

Site Accessibility

Have you ever zoomed your site in 200%? Have you experienced color blindness results? Have your site scanned and fixed to pinpoint what you need to do to let people with disabilities navigate your site. Search engine algorithms now rank higher for sites accessible to everyone.

Graphic Design

As a Photoshop expert, I can get your images prepped to load quicker and sharper. Create collages, fades, backgrounds, and more.

Written Content

Are you stuck on what to say and how to say it? I can help get content into your site and fill the gaps while making sure to strategically align content with search engine optimization.

Administration and Maintenance

Let me take on the day to day administration of your site. Analytics, automated emails and events, contact lists, and other tasks can be easily maintained without worries.

Compliance Statements

Get help for your website Privacy statements, Terms of Service, Return statements, Cookie acceptance statements, GDPR compliance, CCPA compliance, and more.


Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star
Golden Star

Rebecca Stoop

Criminal Lawyer - Wellington, New Zealand

June 2021

Ron was very helpful and thorough, taking the time to review my site and figuring out what would be useful for me. He was easy to communicate with and went the extra mile in organising a Zoom conference to talk through things and explain his role and how he would assist.

Thank You to all my great clients in 2021.  


This last year, over 50 Clients took advantage of my services.  Those clients have had over 40,000 combined visitors to their new sites since using my services.  All clients combined enjoyed a 99.98% uptime with visitors from 118 different countries.  


Altogether, I posted 776 sessions in the Wix Editor to build sites, update sites, migrate sites, setup SEO and accessibility, or other website work.  


It was a busy year, but I have goals to double the amount of work done in 2022

so if you need anything, or have a referral, please let me know.

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